Replacing a worn or dislodged fall requires more skill and patience than replacing a cracker but can be achieved by the average handyman with the right tools. The following photographs are self-explanatory with respect to the methodology. You can click on any of the photos for an enlarged view of what is happening.

1. Firstly you will need a Fid. This is a leather makers tool. A Bradawl will also do the job. If you're like me you may want to adapt something else. I use a screw driver that I have filed to a point like a Fid!!

2. Here we have a damaged fall that needs to be replaced.

3. Insert the Fid under the ear at the hitch and pull the ear out.

4. Pulling the ear out.

5. Pull the ear right out.

6. Now find the 'eye' of the fall.

7. Insert the Fid into the eye of the fall and and open it up a little.

8. Insert a sharp knife blade or blade of a pair of shears (scissors) and cut the fall.

9. Here is the cut eye of the fall.

10. Trim off the two ends of the eye of the fall.

11. Pull the fall out from the hitch in the thong.

12. Pull the fall out and throw it away.

13. Open up the eye of the new fall and position it to go on the thong.

14. Place the eye of the new fall over the ear of the thong.

15. Slide the eye of the fall along the hitch.

16. Slide the eye of the fall along the thong.

17. Now open up the hitch by pushing the Fid through it.

18. Apply a little mutton fat or saddle soap to lubricate the hitch and create a tunnel through the hitch.

19. This allows the fall to pull through the hitch easier.

20. Ensure there is a good point on the end of the fall and position it to pull it through the tunnel in the hitch you have just created.

21. Insert the end of the thong through the tunnel in the hitch..

22. Now pull the fall right through the hitch.

23. And slide it up to the hitch

24. When it reaches the hitch, push the ear through the eye of the fall.

25. Push the ear right through the eye.

26. When the ear is through pull it very tight.

27. The fall is now replaced.