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About Si Davey Whips

Your Si Davey whip is plaited in the finest quality kangaroo hide using the traditional Australian two-whips-in-one technique.

When you invest in your individually hand-crafted Si Davey whip, you not only invest in a practical tool, perfectly balance and designed for life in the outdoors, you gain a family heirloom that, properly cared for, will last for a hundred years or more.

But, as with so many traditions, the old ways of making a whip are fast disappearing, replaced by modern flimsy designs that lack the character, the quality of the leather and plaiting, the true balance and accuracy of a real whip. In fact they often have paper inside rather than a second whip.

But Si Davey represents that rare tradition of a true bush craftsman, making stockwhips and bullwhips of the quality and style that dates back to the original character of the Australian bush.

Years of tedious practice and a keen eye make for a good whipmaker. Si's stock whips and bullwhips are all hand-cut and plaited in genuine kangaroo hide, the same way they were made a century ago.

Si produces handcrafted whips in the fashion taught by his grandfather who learnt from his forebears. Si has also developed his craft by studying whips that have been handed down from generation to generation. Whips that have survived the passage of time.

It is this dedication to the age old traditions that sets Si Davey's whips apart.

Each handcrafted whip comes with complete money back guarantee.

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A rush of horses through the trees,
A red shirt making play;
A sound of stock whips on the breeze,
They vanish far away!

Banjo Paterson

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