si davey whipsUnique Qualities

Some modern, non-traditional whip making methods save time and money but the end result is that the quality of the whip will often be compromised.

Si Davey represents that rare tradition of a true bush craftsman; making stock whips and bullwhips of the quality and style, the way they were made a century ago.

Si's whips are hand-cut and plaited in genuine kangaroo hide, producing the finest quality whips in the fashion taught to him by his grandfather who learnt from his forebears. Si has also developed his craft by studying whips that have been handed down from generation to generation. Whips that have certainly survived the passage of time; whips made by Australian masters.

In order to make a whip crack, the whip must travel at such a speed that it places enormous force on the whip’s thong. The reason for the loud crack is because the end of the whip is breaking the sound barrier. Modern whips are often only a single whip, which have been poorly plaited around a fiberglass, or even paper, core. There is no way that a poorer quality stockwhip or bullwhip will last when subjected to such a continual enormous force.

When you purchase a Si Davey whip you know you are getting a product, which has stood the test of time, is finely crafted and made with the best quality 'roo hide available in Australia. Every strand in the whip is hand cut. This allows full control over quality and ensures the high standard we guarantee.

Kangaroo Hide

kangaroo leatherWhy kangaroo hide? Because it is highly suitable for use in whip making due to its high performance nature.

Kangaroo hide is a natural choice for whip making because of its high strength-to-weight ratio. The strength of the hide allows for finer strands to be properly pre-stretched prior to plaiting.

The hide from a kangaroo has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and is at least 50% stronger than goatskin in tear strength and puncture resistance. It is also a much lighter hide than goat or cowhide but stronger than both.

Si Davey whips are handcrafted in kangaroo hide using the traditional methods that date back centuries.

Hand Cut

hand crafted leather whipsEach individual strand is hand cut by Si Davey. Cutting each strand by hand allows Si to use his skill and judgment to follow the grain of the hide and read the hide, checking the tensile strength of each strand as he does so. A keen eye, a sharp knife and years of practice are required to slice the hide into thin strips. This allows Si to plait a much tighter and better looking thong, one that can withstand the tests of time, as well as producing a beautiful working piece of art.

More particularly it means that every strand will have the same tensile strength, so there will be no weak spots in the finished whip. A mechanically cut whip will stretch unevenly possibly producing weak links that will break given the enormous stress the whip is placed under when it is cracked.


two in one techniqueThis is the traditional Australian design that gives a perfectly flexible and accurate whip requiring less strength to use.

It is this dedication to the age-old traditions that sets Si Davey's whips apart.


What makes his whips so good?  Si Davey’s whips are properly made.

They do the job!