swivel handle bullwhip


The Tornado - A Swivel-Handle Bullwhip.

Panch, a whip enthusiast in the USA, sent me the remains of an old Buckheimer whip. The leather had pretty well rotted away and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) didn't like it at all. So, after paying a $40 fee to irradiate it, the remains arrived with me. Studying some old texts and the remnants of this whip, especially the swivel mechanism, I set about replicating it. I think I dramatically improved upon the old Buckheimer style. And so the Tornado was born.

The old Buckheimer's were Red Hide whips and fairly basic. But they cracked well and were well respected.

This new Tornado style is the best whip I have ever plaited.

It is just so easy to crack, a total novice can crack these very easily. They are balanced so you do not feel the weight. Unlike ordinary bullwhips you can cast and cut with this whip equally easily. And it cracks like nothing else I have ever heard.

Now because they travel so fast and with such tremendous force I have made changes to make them last longer. This is a slimmer whip, shot loaded at the top with a stainless steel swivel. You will burn up crackers and falls with this whip though because it travels faster than anything else you have ever cracked. I am genuinely excited about the ability of this whip. But don't hit the ground with it or you will blow it apart.

The Tornado is a 10ft, 12 plait whip in either one colour of two (pictured) below.

So, what did Panch think of his whip?swivel handle bullwhip

Greetings Si:

Well, it arrived yesterday and I just came in the house from trying it out.

It no doubt is the "Quintessential Bull Whip". Anyone who owns a Si Davey whip to date is going to want one of your Tornados.

In fact, I'm making plans for the next one right now. When I'm ready I will advise you accordingly.

For now, I want to thank you for saving the 'old Buckheimer' from extinction and breathing new life into the design. Best of Everything to You,


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Traditional colours available are
Whisky, Natural, Brandy and Black
(as available) or combinations for two tone.


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tornado bullwhip 10 foot 12 plait two colour

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