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"Welcome to our new streamlined site. To give our customers the best value in stockwhips and bullwhips we are offering two main types of stockwhips and two main types of bullwhips. These prices are the best value for money on the planet! Of course I will make any custom order you want. Just email me for the price anytime" - Si Davey

Si Davey has been making superb handcrafted roo hide leather whips for over 30 years and is one of the finest stock whip and bullwhip makers in Australia. Si uses the same centuries old tradition of the legendary Australian whip makers.

Each kangaroo hide whip is hand-cut and hand-plaited by Si in the traditional Australian two whips-in-one technique. Each stockwhip and bullwhip made from 100% kangaroo hide leather, is thumbnail cut by eye. Each stockwhip and bullwhip is 100% custom made to our customer's personal requirements which makes your stock whip unique in the world for you. Naturally, only the highest quality kangaroo hides are chosen for our stockwhips and bullwhips. Every Si Davey stockwhip or bullwhip is an heirloom investment that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Any leather whip, be it stockwhip or bullwhip made by Si Davey, are really thumbnail cut by eye. Most competitors cut by gauge or machine. The only tool Si uses is a razor sharp knife to cut the leather. This make's Si Davey whips one of the last of their kind.

When you invest in your individually hand-crafted Si Davey bullwhip or stockwhip, you not only invest in a practical tool, perfectly balanced and designed for a working life outdoors, you gain a family heirloom.

Due to recent events I am able to concentrate on stock whips for the Australian whip market. Of course I will still make to order custom whips as always. My full range of stockwhips are available from AUD$330 for kangaroo and AUD$200 for Redhide making my whips the most affordable whips possibly anywhere in Australia - Quality whips that is!

All custom orders very welcome.

"Just like vegemite in the cupboard, every Australian home should have a stock whip hanging on the wall." - Si Davey

New Products: belts and pouches

Be Australian, Look Australian with our new range of pouches and belts.

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new stockwhips and bullwhips

Belts & Pouches to last a lifetime.

Si Davey is now offering pouches and belts, hand made, top quality leather products.

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Why buy our whips:

  • Only export grade Roo hide used in construction
  • All whips full bellied in roo hide
  • All whip cores are multiple strands not single strands as in other whips
  • No shot loading- only solid leather natural weighting allowing for a louder crack!
  • All my whips are totally hand cut-no gauge tools or machinery used
  • All of my whips are 100% Australian made by an Australian traditional Whipmaker
  • All of my whips are made by me and me alone making your whip uniquely yours

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